Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers:


If you are purchasing a firearm from another Firearms Dealer we would be
happy to arrange the transfer for you.Just shoot us an email or give us
a call with the information below and we will take care of the rest.Once
the firearm has arrived we will give you a call to arrange a pick up
time and to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Transfer Prices:

(2 or more Handguns/Rifles transferred at one time add
$5 to total transfer fee)

$20- Handguns/Rifles

$15- Texas CHL/Veterans/LE_(Handguns/Rifles)

For us to transfer a firearm from another dealer,we will need the
following information below:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your contact information
  • The name and contact information of the Dealer from where you purchased the firearm.(Example. Walters Guns 334-334-3434)
  • What firearm you are needing a transfer for(Example. Colt 1911).
  • Any transaction or auction numbers that relate to your purchase.(Example. Gun-broker auction 55555)